"Bro. Patrick truly fulfills the mission of our school..."

- E. D. White President Tim Robichaux
2021 – 2022 E. D. White Hall of Fame Inductee Bro. Patrick McGinity


    E. D. White Catholic High School President, Tim Robichaux, proudly announces the 2021 Edward Douglas White Catholic High School Hall of Fame Inductee, Brother Patrick McGinity, S.C. Our school community will honor our esteemed colleague and friend during the annual Hall of Fame luncheon and ceremony on December 5th.

            Brother Patrick McGinity of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart began his career at E. D. White in 1991 teaching world history, civics, and world geography. During his 31-year tenure at E. D. White, he also served as the school’s social studies department chair, and assisted the cross-country team and bowling team. E. D. White Principal Michelle Chiasson said, “as a teacher, Bro. Pat has instilled the importance of being a good citizen to E. D. White students for over 25 years.” She explains how well Bro. Patrick captures the personal attention of students and faculty which is how he builds lasting relationships within our school community.  

     Brother Patrick feels that his most important academic work came after his 52-year teaching career as a reader in E. D. White’s Academic Enhancement program. The goal of the Academic Enhancement Program is to provide support to students with learning differences. The program offers modifications to assessments, skills classes with limited enrollment, and special monitoring of academic progress. “It is professionally rewarding to see the influence that the A.E. teachers have on individual students. The concern for their students is extraordinary,” Bro. Patrick said regarding the program.

     Brother Patrick’s other responsibility at E. D. White is what he truly enjoys the most, morning bus duty. The pure joy that Bro. Patrick exhibits radiates to each person that he greets. This stems from his belief that “students are like icebergs and the function of the teacher is to melt them, to warm the water, so that it’s possible for them to learn.” President Tim Robichaux believes that Bro. Patrick’s morning post truly makes a difference in each student’s day.

     Brother Patrick’s qualifying attributes derive from his mission with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Brother Patrick received his calling to the Brothers’ institute in 1964. The mission of the Brothers is to promote the moral, intellectual, and religious development of our youth. “To be a member of the institute today is to believe in God’s love, to live it, and to spread it. It is to contribute as religious educators to the evangelization of the world particularly through the education of the youth,” Brothers of the Sacred Heart Rule of Life #13. Principal Michelle Chiasson explains how Brothers typically transfer schools quite frequently. She said, “Brother Patrick fell in love with Thibodaux and Thibodaux fell in love with him.” Bro. Patrick and E. D. White both requested he become a permanent member of staff.

            President Tim Robichaux said, “Bro. Patrick has been a fixture at E. D. White for more than 30 years. He truly fulfills the mission of our school by imparting the Catholic faith, promoting academic excellence and enhancing self-esteem. Bro. Patrick belongs in the E. D. White Hall of Fame and it is fitting that he will be inducted in a year where the Brothers of the Sacred Heart celebrate their Bicentennial.”

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

December 5, 2021
Photos by E. D. White staff member Katie Hossel.