Alumni Soccer Game

Boys Cardinal Soccer Alumni gathered on January 2, 2021 for a pick-up game in honor of the 25th anniversary of the program. Alumni participants ranged from the classes of 1999-2019. 

Seth Ledet ’14 was happy to find his alma mater in good condition upon his return for the celebration. “The field and stadium are looking really nice these days,” he said. “It’s always nice catching up with everyone and just laughing at how out of shape we all are.”

The pick-up game took place after the Varsity team’s match against Parkview Baptist so alumni were able to take in the condition of the program. Matthew Loker ’15 said although they lost that match, it was good to see the program is still in great shape.”  The alumni had enough numbers to have a competitive game.
They split the teams between those who graduated on years ending in even vs odd numbers. The game ended with the even graduating years winning 3-0. “our main goal was to have a good game free of injuries which we did so it was a successful day.”
Nick Duet ’08 faculty member and current asssistant cardinal soccer coach said, “I had a great time in the alumni game. I played in a few leagues when I lived in New Orleans so I still played a little and kept up my skills. It was great seeing and playing with (and against) some of the guys that I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ll be ready for the next one in 5 more years when I get to play against some of the guys that I am coaching right now!”