Grandparents Day 2021

Grandparent’s Day this year looked a little different for E.D. White. In previous years, Grandparent’s Day was divided into two days, a junior high day and a senior high day. The day would start off with the grandparents gathering into the auditorium where there was a presentation set up for them. Then, they got to tour the school with their grandchildren and get pictures taken at photo booths set up around the campus.

However, in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Grandparents’ Day this year was turned into a week-long drive-thru event in which the grandparents could stay in the safety of their vehicles while also visiting the school to see their grandchildren.

Each class had a different day.  Eighth Grade on Friday, Ninth on Monday, 10th on Tuesday 11th on Wednesday, 12th on Friday. Grandparents were instructed to drive a certain route in front of the school to pass and see their grandchildren. They lined up on Cardinal Drive, passed in front of the stadium and then turned into the parking lot in front of the main gym. Students waited there to see their grandparents, bring them biscuits and take pictures with them.

Alisha Bergeron, the current admissions director at E.D. White, helped to plan the event. She said with all of the other activities being cancelled, Grandparent’s Day was just too important. She knew she had to do something to get the kids to see their grandparents, even if it was just a drive through.

Most of the planning that took place ahead of time was making sure the information got out to everyone on which days were designated for which grade, and also that there were enough biscuits to hand out. Bergeron said knowing how many people to expect was the most difficult part.

The event was a huge success, and both students and grandparents were glad they got to be able to spend a little time together. 

“Every single grandparent, as they drove through, were smiling from ear to ear,” Bergeron said. 

Freshman Jaxon Oncale talked about his experience this Grandparent’s Day, when his grandma drove up with a car full of other grandparents with music playing loud.

“She definitely came and lightened up the mood,” said Oncale. “She tried to embarrass us, but I didn’t expect anything less. My brother on the other hand wasn’t too happy.”

Oncale also said that although the grandparents were excited to see their grandchildren, he could still tell that they were upset they could not get out of their cars and spend more time with them.

Sheila Barbera, grandparent of eighth grader Tyler Pritchard and 11th grader Isabella Gravois said that she thought the event was fabulous, creative and ran smoothly.

“It meant the world to me. I love Grandparent’s Day and wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” Barbera said.

Celebrating family during Catholic Schools week was such special experience for both the children and the grandparents. It is important that we make time for our loved ones during such difficult times. 

Written By: Madeleine Bauland, Communications Intern