StuCo & School Spirit

Student Council and School Spirit

Despite COVID-19 and cancellation of many traditional student events that take place at E. D. White such as pep rallies and school dances, student council has still found ways to boost school morale while keeping the student body safe.

“Safety is our main priority, so before any event is planned, we have to sit down and discuss if holding the event is even possible,” said Sydney Siegel ’21, executive board vice president of student council.

Siegel said that student council wants the students to be able to attend events and have fun, but that may not always be able to happen due to the hazard of large gatherings. In some cases, the events cannot take place at all. In other instances, the events can be adjusted to meet health and safety requirements, as well as give the students enough room to practice social distancing. Students are also required to wear masks the entire time.

Holding events for the student body is important because it allows for students to have the opportunity to take pride in their school. Although some events have been cancelled, others have been able to take place successfully. 

“Throughout this year, student council has planned a variety of fun-filled events, such as a roaring 20’s themed “Homecoming Week” (despite the absence of the school dance), spirit themes/ activities surrounding the football season, and an all-new tradition of having E. D. White’s first ever Mardi Gras Court composed of the students’ favorite teachers and staff,” Siegel said.

In an effort to make things more fun for the students, student council has pushed its creative energy to the limits in the way they plan events. One idea that they have implemented is setting up something special for each Friday until the end of the school year. Some of the events include music and lunch at the football stadium, dress down days and handing out candy grams.

“We try our hardest to keep up the school spirit throughout these difficult times so that every student gets the high school experience they deserve,” said Claire Naquin ’21, student council eighth and ninth grade liaison.

Lauren Theriot ’21, executive board treasurer of student council, agreed with Naquin. She said that although it is hard to adjust because most of what student council does is bring people together, student council tries to always stay positive and make the most out of what they can do.

“This is it for the Senior Class, so we want to make sure they get the most of their last year in high school. As for the younger classmen, we want them to have the same experience that we had,” said Theriot.

Because this school year has been an unusual one, school spirit is more important now than ever. Student Council plays an important role in keeping school morale high while also keeping the student body safe, and it is important that we recognize all of their hard work and commitment to making this school year a fun and memorable one.  

Student Council Week is coming up, beginning on April 19. Keep up with their activities by following our social media accounts:

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