E. D. White Administrators proudly announce the 2022 Edward Douglas White Catholic High School Students of the Year

The Louisiana Department of Education recognizes that many outstanding students are enrolled in public, private, or charter schools throughout the state of Louisiana. To acknowledge these accomplishments, the Department, in conjunction with the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, annually honors one incredible fifth, eighth, and twelfth grade student based on their leadership, academic performance, achievements, citizenship, and service to the school and community.

Students are selected by their school and submitted to the school system/diocese level; these nominees are then forwarded to a Regional Selection Committee. The resulting twenty-one finalists then compete at the state level. The winners of the three grade levels are announced on the evening of the final day of competition, April 13, 2022.
These two, outstanding young ladies have been selected to represent E. D. White Catholic High School throughout this prestigious program. Wishing all the best to both students during the next phase of the competition.