E. D. White Catholic High School Opens Nominations for 2024 Hall of Fame Inductees

E. D. White Catholic High School is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 2024 Hall of Fame. This prestigious accolade aims to honor individuals who have significantly contributed to the school and the Thibodaux community through their professional achievements and involvement in religious, civic, business, or educational activities.

**Nominee Qualifications**

To be eligible for nomination, candidates must have a substantial connection to one or more of the following institutions:
– Mt. Carmel Academy
– Thibodaux College
– Thibodaux Central Catholic High School
– E. D. White Catholic High School

This connection could be as a former student, graduate, faculty member, parent, supporter, or benefactor.

The criteria for being inducted into the Hall of Fame is the individual’s contributions to his/her profession and his/her religious, civic, business, or educational involvement.

**Entry and Selection Process**

Each nomination must be submitted using the official nomination form provided below. The process ensures that all information submitted is reviewed with the utmost confidentiality by the Hall of Fame committee and the staff of the Alumni Office. While the details of the nomination remain private, biographical information of selected inductees will be published upon their acceptance into the Hall of Fame.

Importantly, nominations are not a one-time consideration. Once a candidate is nominated, their information will be kept on file and reviewed annually by the committee, ensuring continued opportunities for recognition.

For those interested in nominating a deserving individual, please fill out and submit the official nomination form provided below. Further information can be obtained by contacting the E. D. White Advancement Office at 985-449-1859.

E. D. White Catholic High School encourages the community to participate in recognizing those who have made meaningful contributions and left a lasting impact on the school and beyond. This Hall of Fame induction not only honors individual achievements but also celebrates the enduring spirit and legacy of the E. D. White community.

E. D. White Catholic High School Hall of Fame Nomination Form


1983-Bro. Linus Meyers, S.C.

1983-Richard A. Morvant, M.D.

1983-Harvey A. Peltier

1984– Durbin “Dub” Gibbens

1984-Leonard J. Toups

1985-Sr. Mary Immaculata Garcia, O. Carm.

1985-Robert Morvant

1985-A.G. “Mosse” Olivier

1986-Sr. Marie Therese Broussard, O. Carm.

1986-Jerry P. Ledet, Sr.

1987-Msgr. Raphael C. Labit

1987– Judge Bernard L. Knobloch

1988-R.J. “Yockey”Bernard

1988-Ann L. Jackson, M.D.

1989-Ida Francis Bernard

1989-Joel Harris Robichaux

1990-Shirley Delaune

1991-Louise “Maw Maw” Ber

1992-Billy Ledet

1992-Pris Ledet

1993-Bro. John Hotstream, S.C.

1994-Frances Donnes

1995-Russell O. Ayo, Jr.

1995-Bro. Lee Barker, S.C.

1996-Deacon Willie Ray Joseph Orgeron

1996-Troy Thompson, Jr.

1997-Sr. Denis Rodrigue, O. Carm.

1997-Richard Gibbens Robichaux

1998-Sr. Barbara Nell Laperouse, O. Carm.

1999-Elaine “Pickles” Morvant

2000-Timothy J. Guarisco

2000-Clarence J. Riviere

2001-Boyd C. Hebert, Sr.

2002-Maxine Giardina

2002-Janice Martin

2003-Donald Peltier

2003-James Peltier, D.D.S.

2003-Bro. Xavier Werneth, S.C.

2004-Jacob Giardina

2004-Bro. Ray Hebert, S.C.

2005-Jeanette Labat

2005-Bro. Ralph McGary, S.C. 

2006-Erkle Rodrigue, Sr.

2006-Bro. Ronald Talbot, S.C. 

2007-Martin F. Edlefsen 

2007-Carolyn S. Hebert, M.D.

2008-Rev. Msgr. Francis J. Amedee

2008-Shirley R. Legendre

2008-Sr. Immaculata Paisant, M.S.C.

2009-Leslie Daigle

2009-Joyce Schexnayder

2010-Luke J. Ford, Jr.

2010-JoyLove C. Toups

2011-Msgr. Frederic J. Brunet

2011-Fr. Jules A. Brunet

2011-Ron Harrist

2012-Eddie Cole

2012-Bro. Paul Montero, S.C.

2013-Bro. Christopher Cox, S.C.

2013-Myra Zeringue Luft

2013-Sylvia Thigpen Zeringue

2015-Kathleen Broggi

2016-Boyd C. Hebert, Jr.

2016-Preston LeJeune

2017-J.B. Falgoust

2018-David M. Richard

2019-Alan Gary Phillips

2021-Bro. Patrick McGinity, S.C.

2022-Priscilla Naquin Battaglia