The Brothers Way at E. D. White Catholic High School

In his memoirs, Father Charles Menard stated:

For a long time I thought of establishing a Catholic school for boys of which the need was extreme.  But the debt which I had contracted for the erection of the Convent did not permit me to satisfy my desire. Finally, on July 18, 1861, a favorable circumstance presented itself. Thibodaux College, incorporated by the Legislature in March of 1859 was ceded to me. I accepted the direction of this establishment, which I transported close to the church. Soon, the institution prospered and was in great honor.

 In 1891, Father Menard appealed to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart to come to Thibodaux and take over the running of Thibodaux College. The Brothers accepted and after a short withdrawal, returned to Thibodaux in 1912 when the new Thibodaux College was erected by Reverend Alexander M. Barbier. For 110 years, over 157 Brothers played a direct and integral part in the success of Thibodaux College and E.D. White Catholic High School, and their charism will forever live in our school.

We want to honor and forever remember this charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart through The Brothers Way, a reflective and communal walkway in and around the chapel, memorial prayer garden and student union. The walkway will pay homage to all of those brothers who sacrificed so much for the thousands of students to whom they ministered. The space will include a meandering walkway with recognition of the five brothers who served E. D. White as principals and bronze statues honoring Brother Linus, Brother John and Brother Pat. The Brothers Way will have decorative fencing and include a gate facing the stadium which includes the Coindre Cross, and the space will have numerous seating and gathering areas as well as an area which pays tribute to Thibodaux College.

With the completion of The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto and Devotional Garden and this proposed project The Brothers Way, we are laying a foundation of remembrance for the Sisters of Mount Carmel and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart whose charisms we live by today and will live by far into the future.

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