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Celebrating School Counselors

Celebrating School Counselors

National School Counseling is celebrated the first Monday through Friday in the month of February every year. During this week, counselors are recognized and celebrated for their unique contributions to schools across the nation.

At E.D.White, the counseling department is comprised of three people, Gwen Duet, Tiffany Bourgeois and Maria Montet. They not only care about the academic success of our students, but for their emotional health as well.

Bourgeois is the ninth and 10th grade counselor and is also a former graduate of E.D. White. She stated she believes school counselors are a necessity, and students need to be provided with a safe place where they can talk about the problems they are facing.  She also uses her past experiences to relate to the students.

“I am a graduate here, so I do oftentimes use that to say, ‘I know what you are going through, I have walked these halls.’ They need to feel comfortable and this needs to be a sanctuary place,” Bourgeois said.

Montet is the 11th and 12th grade counselor. She focuses on preparing upperclassmen for their transition out of a high school setting and into college or the workforce.

As part of the preparation for after they leave E.D. White, Montet makes sure the students learn certain skills that foster confidence and maturity. They learn how to self-advocate, how to speak up when they are hurting, and how to reach out to other people when they need help.

“It is important that they learn that now so that when things arise in the future, they are equipped with the skills to succeed,” Montet said. 

Duet is the director of counseling at E.D. White and is also responsible for counseling the eighth-grade class. She said what makes their counseling department different from other schools is how faith based it is, and how much work they do behind the scenes to make sure the students know they are cared for.

“If we can get them to leave here knowing that God loves them, we love them, and that they should love themselves, I think we are doing a great job,” said Duet.

Although school counselors may not teach in front of a classroom full of students, they are still reaching and impacting the lives of students on a one-on-one basis. As a result, this influences their learning experience at school, and allows for students to strive to reach their full potential, both in and out of the classroom. 

It is important to acknowledge all that counselors do for students and schools locally, statewide and across the nation. National School Counseling week allows for that opportunity and lets school communities give them the credit they deserve.


Written by: Madeleine Bauland, Communications Intern

You can learn more about & contact our counselors here.




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Card Draft 2021

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Winter Athletics Update

Winter Athletics Update

The Cardinals have had successful seasons in all winter sports including basketball, soccer and powerlifting.


The boys’ varsity basketball team has a current record of 14-1. Two of those games were won in the final seconds of the game. They are now entering their first playoff game for a regional title against Teurlings Catholic High School.

Jonathan Keife, the boys’ varsity basketball head coach, said that one of the reasons they have improved so much over the season is because the competition level is very high, and the older players have led a good example to the newer players.

He also said that this year’s team is mentally tough because of all of the adversity they have faced. They work well together and have overcome so much.

“I have been so proud of this group of young men for how they have overcome everything.  Regardless of how the rest of the season turns out, they will be better people because of having played basketball this year,” Keife said. 

The girls’ varsity basketball team has a current record of 12-12 after winning last Saturday’s game against St. Michael the Archangel High School.

Head Coach Marcey Zeringue said that the players this season were all very dedicated. They showed up to every practice ready to learn and work hard. She also said that although we are in the midst of a pandemic, the team has been lucky to play as many games as they have.

“The planning of games has been a rollercoaster ride. Some games were cancelled, and then searches to find new opponents began. Overall, the Lady Cardinals were extremely blessed to play 24 games,” Zeringue said. 


The girls’ varsity soccer team finished this season with a record of 15-6-5.

Head coach Lindsey Spinner said that one of their biggest highlights of the season was their win against St. Michaels. They were ranked number two in the state, so that win was special to them and their best game of the season.

Spinner credits their success this season to the good communication and teamwork skills the team has. The team is also skilled at adapting to certain situations and obstacles that present themselves.

“Things are not always easy with COVID-19 and quarantine. We had to rely on players who weren’t starters. The ones who have stepped up did an incredible job and didn’t miss a beat,” Spinner said. 

The boys’ varsity soccer team is heading into the state finals with a record of 16-3-4.

Head Coach Roger Bimah said that the team is doing a great job this season dealing with distractions regarding COVID-19. Because they may not have all their team members present at any given time, they have to make sure they are mentally prepared to bring their best to each game. Bimah credits the success of the season to how well the players work together.

“We have a very close-knit atmosphere. Our players have stepped up and done the job required of them,” Bimah said. 


The powerlifting team is having a great season and claimed multiple titles in their recent two invitational meets at Denham Springs and Central Catholic.

Coach Grant Chiasson said that he was very pleased with their performances. Key lifters on this season’s team include Hunter Becnel, Branton Vicknair, Lexie Steinmann and Olivia Fanguy. 

Chiasson also talked about how goal-driven and competitive this season’s athletes are. They are good at setting individual goals that they know will help the team overall. The team can’t score points unless each player meets their individual goal. The competitive environment brings out the best in those athletes.

“Anyone can lift weights at school, but as soon as you get into a competitive environment in front of an audience and other lifters, the students take it to a whole other level. They encourage each other, are behind one another and are always positive,” Chiasson said. 

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Written by: Madeleine Bauland, Communications Intern

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Catholic Schools Week 2021

We could not and did not miss out on the opportunity to celebrate our Catholic identity this week for Catholic Schools Week. Incase you missed it, here’s what we celebrated and how. 

Monday: Celebrating Alumni

We celebrated Alumni by sharing messages from E.D. White graduates with our current students. Emily Collins ’04 said what she cherishes most about E.D. White is the family and tradition. She remembers homecoming week, pep rallies and school mass as some of the highlights of her time here. She anticipates the day that her son can build his own community and experience when he gets to high school at E.D. White. Ali Poimboeuff ’19, is most thankful for the ways in which E.D. White fostered her spiritual growth. Even the indirect experiences she had like being exposed to diocesan retreats were personally formative. She said, “The adults pushed us to be involved in our faith and I would not be the person I am today without them.” Jacob Duplantis ’19, said “E.D. White prepared me for life after high school, with a strong foundation in faith as well as academics and so many connections and friends that I still carry with me and will for the rest of my life.”

The Freshman also greeted their grandparents in the front of campus with a smile, and a biscuit for our adapted Grandparents Day celebration.

Tuesday: Celebrating Our Nation

E.D. White is part of a fellowship of schools that belong to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in since their foundation. In an effort to celebrate Catholic schools across the nation, Brother schools shared greetings and messages with one another via video. You can watch it here.

The sophomores also greeted their grandparents in the front of campus with a smile, and a biscuit for our adapted Grandparents Day celebration.

Wednesday: Celebrating Faculty

We celebrated our faculty with treats for them in the lounge as well as healthy physical and intellectual competitions between students and teachers. You can watch some of those competitions here.

The juniors also greeted their grandparents in the front of campus with a smile, and a biscuit for our adapted Grandparents Day celebration.

Thursday: Celebrating Vocations

Thanks to the recent upgrades in our on-campus tv studio, we were able to livestream school-wide mass to all the classrooms throughout school with the help of our Multimedia students. The sacraments made available by the leadership and vocation of our diocesan priests and bishop is something for which we are always grateful. 

Friday: Celebrating Students

We aim to celebrate our students every day they’re on campus but in particular, we had fun lunches complete with pizza and games that were enjoyed by many. 

The seniors also greeted their grandparents in the front of campus with a smile, and a biscuit for our adapted Grandparents Day celebration.

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Grandparents Day 2021

Grandparent’s Day this year looked a little different for E.D. White. In previous years, Grandparent’s Day was divided into two days, a junior high day and a senior high day. The day would start off with the grandparents gathering into the auditorium where there was a presentation set up for them. Then, they got to tour the school with their grandchildren and get pictures taken at photo booths set up around the campus.

However, in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Grandparents’ Day this year was turned into a week-long drive-thru event in which the grandparents could stay in the safety of their vehicles while also visiting the school to see their grandchildren.

Each class had a different day.  Eighth Grade on Friday, Ninth on Monday, 10th on Tuesday 11th on Wednesday, 12th on Friday. Grandparents were instructed to drive a certain route in front of the school to pass and see their grandchildren. They lined up on Cardinal Drive, passed in front of the stadium and then turned into the parking lot in front of the main gym. Students waited there to see their grandparents, bring them biscuits and take pictures with them.

Alisha Bergeron, the current admissions director at E.D. White, helped to plan the event. She said with all of the other activities being cancelled, Grandparent’s Day was just too important. She knew she had to do something to get the kids to see their grandparents, even if it was just a drive through.

Most of the planning that took place ahead of time was making sure the information got out to everyone on which days were designated for which grade, and also that there were enough biscuits to hand out. Bergeron said knowing how many people to expect was the most difficult part.

The event was a huge success, and both students and grandparents were glad they got to be able to spend a little time together. 

“Every single grandparent, as they drove through, were smiling from ear to ear,” Bergeron said. 

Freshman Jaxon Oncale talked about his experience this Grandparent’s Day, when his grandma drove up with a car full of other grandparents with music playing loud.

“She definitely came and lightened up the mood,” said Oncale. “She tried to embarrass us, but I didn’t expect anything less. My brother on the other hand wasn’t too happy.”

Oncale also said that although the grandparents were excited to see their grandchildren, he could still tell that they were upset they could not get out of their cars and spend more time with them.

Sheila Barbera, grandparent of eighth grader Tyler Pritchard and 11th grader Isabella Gravois said that she thought the event was fabulous, creative and ran smoothly.

“It meant the world to me. I love Grandparent’s Day and wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” Barbera said.

Celebrating family during Catholic Schools week was such special experience for both the children and the grandparents. It is important that we make time for our loved ones during such difficult times. 

Written By: Madeleine Bauland, Communications Intern

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2nd Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to all students who excelled academically in the 2nd quarter and earned a spot on the honor roll!

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2020 Students of the Year

Each year, E. D. White submits a senior and 8th grader to compete at the diocesan level for Student of the Year. This year, we are happy to announce that Erin Toups and Adele Zeringue will represent E. D. White.

Both students exemplify leadership skills, academic excellence, and Catholic values. The young women were nominated and selected by the faculty and staff of E. D. White. Toups expressed her “God-given perseverance” as playing a major role in her success at E. D. White: “He is undeniably at the center of every enjoyable moment, and helps me to continue working diligently and live up to my full potential.”

Similarly, Zeringue says her success comes with putting God first, and advises other young students to do that same: “Always put God first, work hard, and love everyone. Doing these things will lead to success in everything you do.”

Both students are active in extra curricular activities, sports and their faith. Toups and Zeringue are both student athletes, with Toups most recently being part of the state championship winning girls’ swim team. Both are highly involved in service and faith-based organization on campus, including Campus Ministry, Right to Life and Sisters in Christ. Their peers have elected them to leadership roles in National Honor Society and Student Council.

Outside of school, the girls are active civically and in their church parishes. Both have received awards of accomplishments from the Knights of Columbus, and Toups has recently served as the parish-wide student assessor for Student in Government Day. Zeringue serves regularly as an altar server at St. Genevieve.

This is Zeringue’s second nomination for Student of the Year. She was previously the 5th grade Student of the Year at St. Genevieve.

Next, Toups and Zeringue prepare to represent the school at the diocesan level.

Written by: Lauren Bordelon ’02, Media Center Specialist
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Alumni Soccer Game

Boys Cardinal Soccer Alumni gathered on January 2, 2021 for a pick-up game in honor of the 25th anniversary of the program. Alumni participants ranged from the classes of 1999-2019. 

Seth Ledet ’14 was happy to find his alma mater in good condition upon his return for the celebration. “The field and stadium are looking really nice these days,” he said. “It’s always nice catching up with everyone and just laughing at how out of shape we all are.”

The pick-up game took place after the Varsity team’s match against Parkview Baptist so alumni were able to take in the condition of the program. Matthew Loker ’15 said although they lost that match, it was good to see the program is still in great shape.”  The alumni had enough numbers to have a competitive game.
They split the teams between those who graduated on years ending in even vs odd numbers. The game ended with the even graduating years winning 3-0. “our main goal was to have a good game free of injuries which we did so it was a successful day.”
Nick Duet ’08 faculty member and current asssistant cardinal soccer coach said, “I had a great time in the alumni game. I played in a few leagues when I lived in New Orleans so I still played a little and kept up my skills. It was great seeing and playing with (and against) some of the guys that I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ll be ready for the next one in 5 more years when I get to play against some of the guys that I am coaching right now!” 

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Two Athletic Signings

 Two more Cardinal athletes signed letters of intent to participate at the collegiate level in their respective competitions. 

Abbey Marie Ratcliff signed to run Cross Country at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her high school head coach Tommy Schexnayder praised Ratliff’s leadership in matters both pertaining to races and in other areas of student life. “When she stepped on our campus in 8th grade, I knew she was one of the ones that would stand out, and she sure has,” Schexnayder said. 

This season, Ratcliff lead a young girls XC team to a State Championship and placed 3rd overall in the race. 

Ratcliff expressed gratitude to her family and friends and to her coaches directly said, “I couldn’t even think about the last five years without y’all and this sport and the impact y’all have had on my life.”

Braedon Methvin signed with Missisisippi College on Thursday. Coach Schex said, “Braedon broke out of his shell not only to become one of the best distance runners in the state (of any class) but also the leader of our team.” Schexnayder also commended Methvin for being a model of what the XC program strives to accomplish in its student athletes.

Methvin also lead a State Champion team this season, and placed 2nd overall in the race. 

Both Ratcliff and Methvin look ahead now to the track season approaching in Spring 2021 before closing out their high school running careers. 

Congratulations to both Cardinal athletes for mirroring the tenets of our mission statement in their athletic successes. 

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Annual Christmas Concert

Welcome to Cardinal Vanguard’s annual Christmas Concert! Thanks to all who helped in preparation for this event, and special congratulations to the members of Cardinal Vanguard on a terrific performance! Enjoy!